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  • Thou or I or Both reviews

    Since its release, Thou or I or Both has been garnering positive media reviews from coast to coast. Here is a sampling of what's being said about the album:

    "Thou Or I Or Both straddles varying styles and genres of music, but remains wholly engaging and compelling in doing so. You’re left at the end of this disc catching your breath. This is dreamy and heavenly material.... Thou Or I Or Both is the kind of thing that makes music critics and jurors froth at the mouth" - PopMatters

    "As far as ultra-dense, poppy and highly metaphorical rock music goes Thou or I or Both is as charming as it gets" - Winnipeg Free Press

    "The record gives vocalist Marc-Antoine Robertson a lot of room to manoeuvre, and puts a lot of reverb behind the quintet, making for an aural feast full of mythic imagery and sweeping gestures." - The Chronicle Herald

    "Most of these tunes would fit snugly into the soundtrack of an ’80s action movie—think Top Gun or Robin Hood: Price of Thieves" - The Telescope