This 5 piece pop-alternative outfit mixes its earnest indie rhythms with a crescendo of arena guitar and slow-boiling synth and keys. The band pits this wall of sound against lead singer Marc-Antoine's powerful vocals and lyrics harkening to a by-gone era of nightime radio and lighter-lit stadium floors.

SoHo Ghetto have been busy touring throughout eastern North America in 2014 highlighted by showcases at CMW in Toronto and the ECMAs in Charlottetown, as well as major festival appearances at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Pop Montreal and the New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee.

Their first full length album, "Thou or I or Both" was just released in the fall of 2014.

If you're getting into anything 80's throwback, dig the pop revival that's going on
in Canada or enjoy the soaring falsetto of Bon Iver, you're probably going to want to try this record on and see the band play live. This is pure pop at its best.

"This is music for those who appreciate bedroom rock performed on a stadium scale, for fans of Arcade Fire, for fans who simply love good music.... It will leave your jaw on the floor."  - Pop Matters 8/10

"As far as ultra-dense, poppy and highly metaphorical rock music goes Thou or I or Both is as charming as it gets. They may have a hard time topping this."
- Winnipeg Free Press

"On Thou or I or Both, SoHo Ghetto aims high, flying higher like it just found a secret Super Mario power-up, daring you to come along and see how far it can go." - The Chronicle Herald